Beer & Cheese Tasting Thursday at The Little Fleet!

The Little Fleet is hosting a Beer & Cheese Tasting on Thursday, March 13th that pairs the beers of Brewery Terra Firma with cheeses from Boss Mouse Cheese.

John Niedermaier & Sue Kurta

John Niedermaier & Sue Kurta

Brew Master John Niedermaier is the mastermind behind a wildly diverse beer offerings of Terra Firma. He says, “We sampled a bunch of cheeses with a bunch of different beers. It’s often surprising for people how well cheese and beer work together. They’re both delicious, but when you hit the right pairing it’s a whole new level. Sue has a variety of cheeses, and she’s using some great herb combinations. I love using herbs and spices in beer, and her cheeses with the herbs go so well with our beers and have the complexity and flavor to stand up to beers like our Soul Butter IPA that you wouldn’t traditionally pair with cheese.”

The event runs from 6 PM until close (or they run out of cheese) and includes 6 pairings for just $20. There’s no need for reservations, but you may want to arrive on the early side to make sure you get yours!

While it’s billed as a pairing, Boss Mouse Cheese owner & cheesemaker Sue Kurta explains, “With six different pairings, it will be almost like a dinner.

Sue Making Boss Mouse Cheese

Sue Making Boss Mouse Cheese
photo by Andy Wakeman

“Our cheese and John’s beers are both artisan crafted, fermented products. His beers are so complex, and when you mix them with my cheeses and find the right couple, you get something that’s beyond what either one of us can do alone. It’s really exciting!”

Gary Jonas of The Little Fleet says “Allison and I feel lucky that there are so many amazing artisans like Sue and John in our backyard that we get to work with. The combination of dedication to craft and willingness to share it that people like John and Sue have is one of the things that makes me love living here and makes what we do at Little Fleet work so well.”

Check out the pairings and watch a great video about Sue and Boss Mouse below.

Cheese & Beer Pairings

Cheese Curds and Little Fleet’s St. Sue Cocktail
Rosemary Montasio* w/ Little Honey Ale
Chive Montasio w/ Once Upon a Tyne Brown Ale
Black Peppercorn Montasio with Tai Chi Seven Spice Stout
Sweet Swiss with Soul Butter Triple IPA
Aged Ricotta w/ Marmalade with Hoodwink Orange Marmalade Wheat

*A traditional washed curd Italian cheese, smooth and creamy with low acidity

Boss Mouse Cheese from Justin Warnes on Vimeo.