Traverse City “Brew Bus” seeking funds

Troy Daily, the local entrepreneur who started the TC Cycle Pub and founded the TC Ale Trail, is readying another promising venture. The Traverse City Brew Bus will provide all-inclusive brewery tours with sampling, brewhouse tours, talking with brewers and brewery owners and even some Cicerone* led tours. It’s all designed to be educational, fun and more than what you’d get if you were to visit the brewery on your own.

Welcome-to-the-Brew-Bus-Troy-DailyDaily is hoping to start off with two 4 hour tours on Saturdays and develop other tours through the winter and spring. You will also be able to rent the bus for four hour slots or weekdays and go wherever you want.

He is using the crowd-funding website to try to raise $15,000 by Christmas Eve to make purchases and upgrades to the bus and offer the best tours and experiences possible. He’s offering incentives for you to contribute to his dream and says, “By donating, you will help promote local businesses, the tourism industry, the economy in Traverse City, Michigan, AND craft brew everywhere.”

Troy’s video is packed with owners of local breweries talking about the project. Check it out and visit Indiegogo to learn more and get involved!

* Cicerones are individuals who have their knowledge and skills regarding keeping and serving beer; beer styles; flavor and tasting; brewing process and ingredients; and beer and food pairing tested by the Cicerone Certification Program. NPR has a short & solid feature on Cicerone program that you should check out if you want to know more.