Traverse City Fall & Winter Culinary Classes

Don’t just eat the best that Traverse City has to offer, learn to cook with the best!

Everyone can cook. We are born to eat and born to prepare the food we eat. To be a good cook all you need is to immerse yourself in a few great dishes and learn new techniques.

Eric Patterson and Jen Blakeslee at the Box

Eric Patterson and Jen Blakeslee at the Box

Traverse City is blessed with a rich bounty of fresh ingredients, and it’s no surprise that so many great chefs have chosen to make their home here. Many of these folks have a passion for food that is matched by their passion to share techniques with you. We’ve gathered a full lineup in our calendar of Culinary Classes and will add to them as new classes are announced! Here are some highlights:

NMC Culinary Classes offered through the continuing education program feature local chefs sharing their talents with you. Some highlights include Fresia Granados teaching about Costa Rican food, Mickey Cannon of Tuscan Bistro presenting topics from grilling to  Japanese native Chef Misaeng presenting a hands-on sushi class and food truck/street food at home with Tapawingo founder Chef Harlan “Pete ” Peterson. There’s also classes about cooking with (and for) kids, holiday foods and even techniques for making the most of your kitchen time by preparing a whole week’s food every weekend.

Chefs Jennifer Blakeslee and Eric Patterson of The Cooks’ House are sharing their talents at NMC and also through classes at the Cooks’ House. Oryana offers some interesting classes including chocolate making with Grocer’s Daughter founder Mimi Wheeler.

The Box at the corner of 8th & Boardman begin in December and a complete schedule will be added in 2 weeks. They have a stellar lineup that includes Phil Murray (Phil’s on Front), Guillaume Hazael-Massieux (Bistro Fou-Fou), Pete Peterson, Myles Anton (Stella), Jen and Eric and Dave Denison (Amical). In addition to numerous wine education opportunities, Chateau Chantal is gearing up for a full winter schedule that will be finalized at the end of the month. Local cooks who will be presenting classes include Jim Morse of Siren Hall and Bryon Figueroa of the Bluebird.

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Photos courtesy Chateau Chantal and The Box.