Vegan Dinner with Epicure Catering at Little Fleet


Next Thursday, September 18th The Little Fleet hosts the first of their offseason dinners: The Clean Plate Club Vegan Dinner with Epicure Catering.

Andy Schudlich of Epicure Catering“We grow pretty much every fruit, vegetable and nut known to man here in Northern Michigan,” explains Epicure Catering chef Andy Schudlich. “We have all kinds of nuts, fresh oils, every vegetable and almost every tree fruit – every color of the rainbow. It’s easy to cook for vegans when you have all that, and September is the perfect time of year to get it.”

Andy says that much of the food for the dinner will come from the Farmer’s Market on Wednesday, a hallmark of Epicure’s cooking. “We’re harvesting lettuce 75 feet from our kitchen, and that matters. A watermelon that was picked yesterday is a totally different fruit than one that was picked in Mexico two weeks ago and ripened on a train the way here. Like everything else we do, all the produce we’ll use for the dinner will come from the area.”

Vegan-Dinner-by-Epicure-Catering“I wanted to this vegan dinner because I feel it’s so relevant and it’s where people’s eating habits are heading these days,” shares Little Fleet owner Gary Jonas. “This dinner is not only for people who eat vegan, it’s for anyone who cares about what they eat. Food doesn’t have to be meat and cheese. There’s so much you can do with fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. I’m really excited for it!”

The four course menu looks delicious and will include a vegan tureen with lobster mushrooms & winter squash wrapped in kale and a dessert of peaches flamed with with bourbon and a Pressmeister hazelnut cake with cashew cream.

The dinner takes place on Thursday, Sept. 18th 6:30pm at The Little Fleet. Four courses, $50 ticket. Click for the event on Facebook and email for tickets! Eat your veggies!