The Short’s Cast and TC Podcaster Mike Moran

“This spring will be 10 years for us, and our company has grown from 6 employees to 90. We’re really proud of where we live, and we love what we do. There’s a lot of stuff that happens around it, but first and foremost, we really love making beer.”
~Joe Short, Short’s Cast ep. 1

"Looks like NPR, feels like SNL, couldn't get much better than this!" - courtesy Short's Brewing

“Looks like NPR, feels like SNL, couldn’t get much better than this!” – courtesy Short’s Brewing

Yesterday the Short’s Brewing Company unveiled their new podcast. Like the brewery  that produces it, the Short’s Cast is wild, energetic and slightly unpredictable.

Short’s CEO and Creative Engineer Joe Short shares, “I think that the biggest thing that new podcast is going to give us is the connection between the listener and the actual people of Short’s. I’m excited for people to get to know everyone here better, because there’s a lot more to Short’s than just me.”

The Short’s Cast is produced by Mike Moran of Quarter After Productions who says, “Short’s was one of the businesses up here that I really wanted to develop a podcast for. People absolutely love their beer, and it’s great to work on a podcast with Joe. The guy has so much character that really shines through, and even though everyone around him really respects and looks up to him, they’re always cracking jokes on him and each other.”

The first episode reflects Joe’s love of fun and the Short’s family. Joe opens with an essay about mullets and follows with a whirlwind introduction of some of the Short’s family. Traverse Brewing founder Jack Archiabale’s story of meeting Joe for the first time is pure gold, so be sure to check that out!


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