NMC Class having a major impact on food security

NMC Students Shopping for FoodFood for Thought is a semester-long service learning project coordinated by Northwestern Michigan College students in Kristy McDonald’s Professional Communications class in partnership with the Northwest Food Coalition.

Kristy explains how a business communications class became the unlikely vehicle for an effort that is having a major impact on food security in our area. “I was teaching the common things: how to write a resume, how develop a business letter and all the other pieces you need to know to communicate successfully in business. The grades were low, attendance was low, and I knew there had to be a better way. I realized you have to put meaning behind it. If there’s nothing there, what are you striving for? I retooled the class and the work last year’s students did was amazing: nobody dropped, nobody failed. They wrote letters, communicated with business and the community and their drive collected over 20,000 food items, filling one semi and part of another.” Read more