Sweet Science: Making Maple Syrup

March is maple syrup season in Traverse City, and we’ve brought together information from different sources about the year’s first agricultural crop. A special thanks to Jim Sorbie, a number of Creative Commons photographers and TJ & Odin Brown and eatdrinkTC’s Landen Finkel for the photos!

Michigan ranks 6th nationally in the production of maple syrup with an average yearly production of about 148,000 gallons of syrup and an economic contribution of about $2.5 million annually. The Michigan Maple Syrup Association notes that maple syrup production is the state’s oldest agricultural enterprise. It’s fat-free, about 50 calories per tablespoon and packed with calcium, iron and over 50 anti-oxidants. Even better, with a little bit of work and a small investment, you can make it yourself!

Buckets on the Trees by Jim Sorbie

Buckets on the Trees by Jim Sorbie

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