Blessing the Blossoms (and vineyards) in Traverse City

“After a winter like the one we just had, I think we vinters can use all the help we can get.”
~ winemaker Robert Brengman

Asking for help from a higher power is something probably as old as agriculture itself, and something that goes back generations here in Traverse City. While the blossoms are being held up by the new “Endless Winter” plan we are apparently operating under, we hope that things will return to normal soon and offer these upcoming events as a ray of hope.

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Seeking the heart of Riesling on Chateau Chantal’s #DeutschlandExpedition

April is Michigan Wine Month, and many wineries are taking advantage of the national media focus on one of TC’s hottest industries to try and take their wine further. Going the furthest in one sense are Chateau Chantal Winemaker Mark Johnson and Director of Hospitality Brian Lillie. The pair have begun “#DeutschlandExpedition” – their quest for the perfect Riesling pairing in the heart of Riesling country in the Mosel and Rhine Valleys.

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