Short’s Space Rock now gluten free

Space Rock, the newest flagship beer from Short’s Brewing Company is now crafted to remove gluten. Space Rock, an American Pale Ale, joins the flagship lineup alongside Huma Lupa Licious, Soft Parade, Bellaire Brown, and Local’s.

New Space Rock from ShortsAccording to Short’s Director of Quality, Tyler Glaze “The recipe for Space Rock always contained Brewer’s Clarex, a naturally occurring enzyme, to remove chill haze. The same enzyme eliminates gluten and we suspected that the enzyme completely removed gluten just like in Alien Einstein. So, we decided to send a bottle out to be tested at the Food Allergy Research and Resource Program’s lab at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The results came back great! It turned out that all we needed to do was add a little more Brewer’s Clarex and the gluten was completely removed from the beer. The taste hasn’t changed a bit. It’s still the same, delicious, moderately bitter American Pale Ale with floral and orange aromas but with the added bonus of the gluten being removed.”

“We are stoked to release Space Rock with the ‘Crafted to Remove Gluten’ labeling now. Such a tasty beer. We hope our customers are as excited and thirsty as us!”

In order to distinguish Space Rock that has been crafted to remove gluten from the original release, Tanya Whitley, the artist behind many Short’s beer labels, updated the artwork. You’ll see changes to Joe’s spacecraft and outfit as well as a new “Crafted to Remove Gluten” insignia.

Short’s & Stormcloud bring home Great American Beer Festival hardware!


Last weekend, two northern Michigan breweries brought back medals from the premier craft brewing event in the country, the Great American Beer Festival.

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Empire Hops Festival this Saturday


This Saturday (October 4) the village of Empire goes straight to the heart of craft brewing with the first annual Empire Hops Festival.

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Great food & craft brew at the Winter Microbrew Festival!

The annual Traverse City Microbrew & Music Festival returns to Traverse City this weekend. The main event is Saturday, February 8th from with 30+ breweries packing over 150 craft brew flavors along with local food and a great music lineup. We’ve compiled a collection of the brews & bites that await you over the weekend and can’t wait to see all of you at one of TC’s signature events for food & drink. Tickets are limited and they’ve sold out the last few years, so if you’re planning on attending you’d probably better get your tickets today! Read more

Leelanau Pale Ale Series from Stormcloud Brewing

Brewer Brian Confer of Stormcloud Brewing Company in Frankfort has launched his Leelanau Pale Ale series. Each of the 13 brews will feature a single local hop variety to allow beer fans to appreciate the nuances of the hops that are being produced on the Leelanau Peninsula.

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Free Beer Tastings for Traverse City Beer Week


Traverse City Beer Week starts tomorrow and runs through November 15th. In addition to a full calendar of events at TC brewpubs, bars & restaurants, The Beverage Company (1116 Carver St) and Mahoney’s Spirits & Edibles (542 W Front St) are offering free tastings from some of the hottest brands on the Michigan and national brewing scene.

Saturday (November 10th)

Beer Tasting at The Beverage Company   2pm-4pm
Taste Selections from Saugatuck Brewing Company at this complementary event!  Meet the people behind the Saugatuck brand, and share stories about your favorite beers.

Sunday (November 11th)

Beer Tasting at The Beverage Company with Short’s Brewing Company  2pm-6pm
Taste selections from Short’s Brewing Company and meet the people behind the brand!

Wednesday  (November 13th)

Tasting Event at Mahoney’s  4pm-6pm
Taste selections from Brewery Vivant.  Complementary tasting, no reservations are required, just stop by.

Thursday (November 14th)

Beer Tasting at Mahoney’s  4pm-6pm
Taste selections from Short’s Brewing Company.  Complementary tasting, no reservations are required, just stop by.

Beer Tasting at The Beverage Company  5pm-7pm
Taste Selections from Saugatuck Brewing Company at this complementary event!  Meet the people behind the Lagunitas and Epic brands, and share stories about your favorite beers.

Friday (November 15th)

Beer Tasting at Mahoney’s  4pm-6pm
Taste selections from Atwater Brewing Company.  Complementary tasting, no reservations are required, just stop by.

Photo courtesy Shorts Brewing

Beer and Food Pairing Dinners for Traverse City Beer Week

To celebrate Traverse City’s first annual Beer Week (November 9-15, 2013), several restaurants have created beer dinners. Beer and Food pairings to make your heart sing. These events will sell out fast, so get your reservations right away.

Saturday (Nov 9)

Hangover Breakfast at The Towne Plaza  9-3
This a la carte breakfast includes your meal and beer pairings, presented by the people of Greenbush Brewery.  For once, enjoy the headache of your hangover, as you have a little hair of the dog! Prices are a la carte, and based on consumption. Reservations are strongly recommended but not required. 231-929-0900 Read more

2013 Traverse City Beer Week Calendar of Events!

What's on TapWe’ve posted the calendar of events for the 2013 Traverse City Beer Week! Here’s a few highlights. Pricing varies – check the calendar for more:

  • The TC Beer Week Kickoff Pub Crawl starts the week off from 7pm until close on Friday, Nov 8th with a pub crawl featuring six locations each offering different beers from Short’s Brewing Company.
  • Cask Night at The Little Fleet happens from 6pm-8pm Saturday, Nov 9th. The event features casks from Saugatuck, Oddside, and Epic Brewing Company and a chance to meet the people behind these great brands.
  • Hangover Breakfast at Towne Plaza from 9-12 noon on Sunday, Nov 10th featuring beer pairings from  Greenbush Brewery along with a delicious breakfast. Read more

Traverse City Beer Week ~ November 9-15, 2013

The new Traverse City Beer Week looks to add another way to celebrate the beauties of brew – through a decentralized celebration of craft brewing that focuses on our breweries, tap rooms and restaurants. Kalamazoo-based Imperial Beverage used this model to get the Kalamazoo Beer Week going:

“Traverse City Beer Week will help restaurants, bars, and retail locations to do what they do well even better,” says Ann Drummond, marketing and public relations with Imperial Beverage. “It’s not intended to pull consumers away from the places where craft beer is already appreciated. Instead, these events are fashioned for the sole purpose of craft beer appreciation, consumer education, and experiential learning in the breweries, brewpubs, restaurants and retail locations of Traverse City.”

right brain tapsImperial Beverage, named Craft Beer Distributor of the Year in 2010, used the same model to create a successful Beer Week in Kalamazoo two years ago. The idea is not to organize a festival at all, she says, but to give local breweries and restaurants a chance to host their own events on their own premises while promoting closer relationships among brewers, chefs and retailers who sell craft beer.

For instance, a brewery or restaurant could schedule a “special release” tasting with a presentation by the brewer or a “vertical tasting” where participants can taste examples of the same beer from a series of consecutive release years. Or a restaurant could hold a workshop on how to pair beers with food, presentations on home brewing, tastings of special seasonal brews, cheese/beer pairings, and cooking demonstrations where beer is a featured ingredient in the recipe.

Stay tuned to Traverse City Beer Week updates at or via Traverse City Beer Week on Facebook.

Photos courtesy Traverse City Convention & Visitors Bureau.