Party in the Pantry, a new Traverse City cooking show

DC Hayden, photo by Amber Elliott

DC Hayden, photo by Amber Elliott

The Party In The Pantry is a new culinary entertainment program that will pair local chefs, musical artists and high-end production to create a new vehicle for showcasing our region’s culinary excellence. Each episode will feature a local chef cooking with products grown or made by area food producers along with a local musician.

The show is the brain child  local videographer and Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate co-owner DC Hayden who explains, “I was really inspired by a group in Minneapolis who are doing a lot of programming for the city – getting out and about and telling local stories. I really wanted to something here in Traverse City, and I thought what better combination than food & music?”

Hayden is joined by a standout team of collaborators including producer Rachel Warren, Timothy Grey of Andalusian Dogs, David Marek & Matthew Dayton of Treefort Collective, Sonic Bloom Recording’s Guy Hursh, Cat Muncey of Novum Productions, Josh Hechtman of Graph PIX Designs and Grand Traverse Photography’s Amber Elliott.

Johnny Jones at Northern NaturalKristin Karam of K2 Edibles is the featured chef in the first episode and says, “I was quite honored when they asked me, and while I was pretty nervous when we got started, it was really, really fun.  The experience was like Hollywood with a camera crew, light crew, make-up – I felt like a movie star!”

She adds, “We all see each other around town, but to work with friends you’ve known for years and put all of our talents together is really something special.”

Hayden agrees, “I love the group we have gotten together. It’s a real collaboration and great to have so many minds working together. I was really impressed with Kristin and the chef of our second episode, Johnny Jones of Workshop Brewing Company. I’ve always been really fascinated by cooking, and I like to say that now I get the cooking education I missed when I was at film school.”

You can get your own culinary education at the premier of the first episode at the launch party on Sunday, February 9th from 6-9 PM at Inside Out Gallery. Kristin and Johnny will be doing demos at 6 with the premier of the first episode at 7pm followed by tastings and music by Levi Britton, The Accidentals, Blake Elliott, EMINOR and more.

The show will broadcast on local public access and on their website. Keep up with the Party at and on their Facebook page. Here’s the trailer for the first episode: