NMC’s Festival of Foods on Saturday, February 8th


What do Eric Patterson, Jennifer Blakeslee, Pete Peterson, Randy Chamberlain and Mickey Cannon have in common? They are some of the best chefs in Northern Michigan and they are all coming together with NMC instructors and local food artisans for Northwestern Michigan College’s 6th annual Festival of Foods on Saturday, February 8th to spend a day sharing their passion for cooking with you!

Guide-to-NMC-Festival-of-FoodsFestival of Foods is focused around cooking demonstrations with chefs sharing their techniques, recipes, tips and allowing you into the world behind the dish. It’s one thing to sit down at blu and eat a dinner created by James Beard nominated chef Randy Chamberlain, but it’s a whole different deal when you get to be on the journey with that chef, experience their creative process, learn their tricks and hear about the experiences they’ve had as a culinary artisan.

Event Coordinator Julie Doyal says, “The chefs and artisan foodmakers are chosen not only for their great culinary expertise, but also because they are open, friendly and packed full of knowledge and great stories. It’s a chance to learn from the chefs you are familiar with and discover new chefs.”

You get to select 4 session to take throughout the day, which means it’s easy to customize and tailor your own experience. The sessions of 25-35 people are larger than your average cooking class, so it’s a perfect chance let the instructor be in the spotlight and sit back and learn. Tasting is a key focus of the event, and during the 20-minute breaks between sessions, you can sample the creations from the other classes and socialize at the tasting table in the lobby.


Eric Patterson of The Cooks’ House says, “The Festival of Foods is a fun, community activity that gives us a chance every year to see a lot of people we know and share what we do.”

The Festival of Foods runs from 10 AM – 3 PM and it’s just $69 for the entire day – complete with tastings! Check out our Festival of Foods page for a full listing of the classes and a first-hand account from last year and head over to NMC to register. Register today to get the best choices – space is limited!