Friday Cocktail Hour: Pamplemousse by Gary Jonas of The Little Fleet

eatdrinkTC’s Friday Cocktail Hour is a new feature where we feature original cocktails from some of Traverse City’s most creative cocktail artists. Our thanks go out to Michael Ruhlman for letting us share his Friday Cocktail Hour concept

Gary Jonas and the

Gary Jonas and the Pamplemousse

The Little Fleet is a laid back neighborhood bar featuring beer, wine, and cocktails in an open air environment. Owners Gary & Allison Jonas with an emphasis on bringing the community together.

Although it was snowing outside when we shot this on the first day of Spring, the cocktail was inspired by everyone’s need to feel that the end of winter is out there … somewhere. The name “Pamplemousse” is French for grapefruit.


3 oz fresh squeezed ruby red grapefruit
3 oz Lillet Rosé
2 1/4 oz New Holland Knickerbocker gin
Dash of St George Absinthe

Chill coupe glass
Fill mixing glass with first 3 ingredients and ice, shake with shaker.
Dump ice from coupe glass, put dash of absinthe in glass, swirl absinthe so it coats all parts of glass, dump excess absinthe
Strain cocktail from shaker into coupe glass and garnish with a big twist of grapefruit.