Cooking with amical’s Dave Denison

dave-denison-cooking-class-amicalOn Saturday March 1st from 1-4 pm, Amical’s Dave Denison will host a cooking class for 12 students at The Box. The cost for the class is $100 and you can contact The Box via email or calling 231 218-4855 for more information and to make reservations.

Dave explains that his class will be a demonstration format where he will provide tips and techniques for folks to take away and use at home and plenty of great dishes to taste. “Amical is celebrating 20 years in July, and the class will focus on preparation of current Amical favorites along with some dishes from our archives.”

Matt Sutherland, owner of The Box says “We had a fantastic season, and all of our classes sold out or came very close. I’ve known Dave for nearly twenty five years and can’t say enough about his cooking skills and professionalism. Cooking is a process, a specific series of steps, and Dave’s class will help any cook get organized and then cook a stress-free meal. He’s also about the nicest guy in the world.”

Bill Palladino took Dave’s class last fall and adds, “Traverse City needs more places to educate people about cooking, and I think The Box is a perfect place. Probably the best part of it is that you’re inches away from the preparation of the food – quite intimate.”

Chef Dave Denison at the Box

Dave Denison at the Box

As to his thoughts about how to approach cooking, Dave shares, “Years ago Mario Batali was in the restaurant for our Cookbook Series and I asked him ‘If you were looking in as we prepared food from your cookbook, what would you want to see?’ Mario replied ‘As long as you’re using the proper ingredients and techniques, the rest is interpretation.’ I think  that it’s important for folks to bring and open mind and realize that you can get to the same place in a lot of different ways. At the restaurant we’re constantly doing this for our Cookbook Series as we take a recipe for 4 and scale it up for 20 or more: get your ingredients and technique right and then look for ways to add your own twist. ”

Jamie Oliver's Great BritianSpeaking of Amical’s popular Cookbook Dinner Series, the next is Jamie Oliver’s Great Britain cookbook March 3-9th. Dave says they’ve been working on a British Invasion sound track and that his favorite British Invasion song to cook by is probably something from the Rolling Stones, but he’s not going to rule out London Calling from The Clash.