Batali raves about Harvest

Congrats to Simon at Harvest on a king-sized shoutout from Mario Batali on Twitter over Thanksgiving Weekend!

  via Twitter: Wheeyumbang!! @RoamingHarvest is damn fun and DELICIOUS!! We will be back again and again….!!! Thanks a zillion!


Harvest by Mario Batali


Black Star Farms

Short’s & Stormcloud bring home Great American Beer Festival hardware!


Last weekend, two northern Michigan breweries brought back medals from the premier craft brewing event in the country, the Great American Beer Festival.

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Local Farmers in National Geographic

Photo courtesy Ken Scott Photography

National Geographic News has a great article on America’s aging farmers and how spiraling costs are keeping young farmers out of farming that features several Grand Traverse & Leelanau County farmers!

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Photo Friday: Beets are beautiful

Bistro Foufou shared this pic on their Instagram. Check them out and share your own pics with us at #eatdrinkTC on Instagram & Twitter!

Is Michigan leaving cherries (and dollars) on the ground?


“That cherry pie calling your name at the National Cherry Festival this week in Traverse City is made in Michigan, but they’re a product of regulations that, in some years, has led Michigan farmers to dump cherries on the ground while products made with tart cherries are being imported from Canada and Poland.”

The above is from a timely and fascinating look at Federal quotas and their impacts on northern Michigan’s cherry industry. Read on for more!

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Friday Cocktail Hour: The Twirling Derby by Low Bar’s Evan McKolay

On many Fridays, we feature original cocktails from some of Traverse City’s most creative cocktail artists in our Friday Cocktail Hour. Our thanks go out to Michael Ruhlman for letting us share his Friday Cocktail Hour concept

Evan McKolay has been tending the bar at Low Bar since they opened on the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition December 5th. You may remember him from Poppycocks and the Beacon Lounge. Read more

Curried Cauliflower Soup

Chef Michelle Rodriguez shared a quick and easy soup that features locally made Pressmeister Pumpkin Seed Oil and should help chase some of the never-ending winter blues away!

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Remembering Smelt Season in Northern Michigan

Fresh Smelt in the 50s

Fresh Smelt in the 50s

For many who grew up in Northern Michigan, late March and early April meant the annual smelt runs – a late night fishing experience that brought out many in the community for a carnival-like atmosphere that often ended with much-needed full freezers of the tasty fish.

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Friday Cocktail Hour: Platinum and Silver Gin Fizz by Abbie Steffens of Trattoria Stella

eatdrinkTC’s Friday Cocktail Hour is a new feature where we feature original cocktails from some of Traverse City’s most creative cocktail artists. Our thanks go out to Michael Ruhlman for letting us share his Friday Cocktail Hour concept. Tune in next Friday for another!

The Finished Product

Abbie Steffens of Trattoria Stella

Abbie Steffens has been perfecting her craft at Trattoria Stella since she was hired as a hostess in August of 2004. She fell in love with hospitality from the get go, and after her boss and friend, Paul Danielson, saw her potential and “fired” her from the host stand in 2011, she’s been behind the bar ever since. “Giving patrons a unique and fun experience is what I pride myself in,” Abbie says. “My favorite guests to work with have enough confidence in me to let me choose their entire experience for them, from apéritif to entree choice to closing cocktails.”

This spring Abbie was promoted to manage the front door and bar at the Danielson’s new restaurant downtown on the corner of Front and Cass Streets, and she is excited to share her passion and knowledge for food & beverage with new employees and patrons.

The cocktail she decided to highlight is an oldie with a twist. It is a Platinum Silver Gin Fizz with local egg white and Detroit’s Valentine Liberator Gin. Taking the simple recipe of gin, simple syrup and fresh lemon and enhancing the classically delicious with superb local ingredients is a perfect example of her favorite way to create a cocktail.

The Platinum and Silver Gin Fizz

Chill a Collins glass with ice and water.

Add to shaker:

1 local egg white
2 oz. Valentine Liberator Gin
1/2 to 3/4 oz. Sleeping Bear Farms honey simple syrup (honey simple: equal parts honey and water, bring to simmer, take off heat and cool)
1 oz. fresh squeezed lemon juice

Add ice and SHAKE LIKE CRAZY! When you think you’ve shaken long enough, give it another good 10 seconds. Double strain ingredients into the chilled Collins glass, being sure to let as much of the sweet frothy foam layer on top.

Add an ounce and a half of a dry sparkling wine (Abbie used Col Vetoraz Prosecco) a fresh slice of lemon down the side of the glass and enjoy!

Don’t fear the egg white! The texture is unmatched by any other ingredient.

Sweet Science: Making Maple Syrup

March is maple syrup season in Traverse City, and we’ve brought together information from different sources about the year’s first agricultural crop. A special thanks to Jim Sorbie, a number of Creative Commons photographers and TJ & Odin Brown and eatdrinkTC’s Landen Finkel for the photos!

Michigan ranks 6th nationally in the production of maple syrup with an average yearly production of about 148,000 gallons of syrup and an economic contribution of about $2.5 million annually. The Michigan Maple Syrup Association notes that maple syrup production is the state’s oldest agricultural enterprise. It’s fat-free, about 50 calories per tablespoon and packed with calcium, iron and over 50 anti-oxidants. Even better, with a little bit of work and a small investment, you can make it yourself!

Buckets on the Trees by Jim Sorbie

Buckets on the Trees by Jim Sorbie

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