NMC’s Culinary Classes for Kids

NMC ‘s College for Kids summer program is for kids aged 3-17, and their summer series includes several great culinary classes for kids! The classes are weeklong, and financial aid is available for families meeting low-income requirements. Call (231) 995-1700 for a scholarship form and click the link above for registration and the full catalog.

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Explore Chinese Cooking with chef Candice Lee

Next week (June 5-6) Northwestern Michigan College hosts the 20th annual International Affairs Conference. This year’s theme is China and on June 7th – whether or not you’re participating in the conference – you can take your exploration of China into the kitchen with Chinese-American chef Candice Lee assisted by local chef Harlan “Pete” Peterson.

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Photo Friday: Cooking Class with Myles Anton

Chef Myles Anton of Trattoria Stella

Lisa Flaska Erickson was lucky enough to attend a cooking class by Trattoria Stella chef Myles Anton at The Box last month. It was titled simply “The Pig” and Myles showed the class how to break down half a pig and how to cut, prepare and EAT the many cuts! (we have a full cooking class calendar if you’re interested)

Speaking of Myles, it was announced this week that he is a semifinalist for the James Beard Foundation’s Best Chef in the Great Lakes for the fourth time in five years!

If you’re out and taking photos of eating, drinking and enjoying the Traverse City area this weekend, you can enter enter this month’s #eatdrinkTC Photo Contest by just adding the “#eatdrinkTC” hashtag to your photo on Twitter or Instagram, sharing it to our Facebook or adding it to our Flickr group.

The prize this month is two 3-course dinners at The Cooks’ House!

Cooking with amical’s Dave Denison

dave-denison-cooking-class-amicalOn Saturday March 1st from 1-4 pm, Amical’s Dave Denison will host a cooking class for 12 students at The Box. The cost for the class is $100 and you can contact The Box via email or calling 231 218-4855 for more information and to make reservations.

Dave explains that his class will be a demonstration format where he will provide tips and techniques for folks to take away and use at home and plenty of great dishes to taste. “Amical is celebrating 20 years in July, and the class will focus on preparation of current Amical favorites along with some dishes from our archives.”

Matt Sutherland, owner of The Box says “We had a fantastic season, and all of our classes sold out or came very close. I’ve known Dave for nearly twenty five years and can’t say enough about his cooking skills and professionalism. Cooking is a process, a specific series of steps, and Dave’s class will help any cook get organized and then cook a stress-free meal. He’s also about the nicest guy in the world.”

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NMC’s Festival of Foods on Saturday, February 8th


What do Eric Patterson, Jennifer Blakeslee, Pete Peterson, Randy Chamberlain and Mickey Cannon have in common? They are some of the best chefs in Northern Michigan and they are all coming together with NMC instructors and local food artisans for Northwestern Michigan College’s 6th annual Festival of Foods on Saturday, February 8th to spend a day sharing their passion for cooking with you!

Guide-to-NMC-Festival-of-FoodsFestival of Foods is focused around cooking demonstrations with chefs sharing their techniques, recipes, tips and allowing you into the world behind the dish. It’s one thing to sit down at blu and eat a dinner created by James Beard nominated chef Randy Chamberlain, but it’s a whole different deal when you get to be on the journey with that chef, experience their creative process, learn their tricks and hear about the experiences they’ve had as a culinary artisan.

Event Coordinator Julie Doyal says, “The chefs and artisan foodmakers are chosen not only for their great culinary expertise, but also because they are open, friendly and packed full of knowledge and great stories. It’s a chance to learn from the chefs you are familiar with and discover new chefs.”

You get to select 4 session to take throughout the day, which means it’s easy to customize and tailor your own experience. The sessions of 25-35 people are larger than your average cooking class, so it’s a perfect chance let the instructor be in the spotlight and sit back and learn. Tasting is a key focus of the event, and during the 20-minute breaks between sessions, you can sample the creations from the other classes and socialize at the tasting table in the lobby.


Eric Patterson of The Cooks’ House says, “The Festival of Foods is a fun, community activity that gives us a chance every year to see a lot of people we know and share what we do.”

The Festival of Foods runs from 10 AM – 3 PM and it’s just $69 for the entire day – complete with tastings! Check out our Festival of Foods page for a full listing of the classes and a first-hand account from last year and head over to NMC to register. Register today to get the best choices – space is limited!

Tasty Times in Traverse City!

Every Thursday we post a weekend roundup featuring a variety of things to do over the weekend. We had so much fun last weekend that we want to share some highlights and feature a some events this week to keep on your radar!

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The Pig: A cooking class with Myles Anton

Chef Myles Anton

Chef Myles Anton

This Sunday (January 12) from noon – 3 PM at The Box in Traverse City, you have a rare opportunity to learn from Chef Myles Anton of Trattoria Stella. Myles will butcher half a pig into the raw parts needed for classic Italian preparations and present several dishes that feature the individual cuts.

“I haven’t done a cooking class in a long time, but I like the intimacy and the chance to teach what I’ve learned over the years to people who are excited about food,” Myles says. “I’ll bring in half a pig, break it down to primal cuts – some that people are familiar with like chops and pork bellies and lesser known cuts like cheeks, skin and organs. I’ll show you how to work with it, how to prepare a dish or two, and I’ll also bring some dishes and cuts to try and recipes to help you work with this great product.”

Myles  butchering a local Berkshire Duroc pig. Photo courtesy Trattoria Stella

Myles butchering a local Berkshire Duroc pig. Photo courtesy Trattoria Stella

As to why he shares with so many great chefs the love of the pig, Myles explains “Pig is like no other protein. You can use every part of it – the skin, the fat, the organs. At Stella we’re probably doing 30-40 pigs a year, and the pig has led to lambs and steer. It’s fresh and local and great meat.”

Matt Sutherland of The Box says, “Myles is our only James Beard recognized chef, and I just love how he combines old school Italian farm and kitchen techniques with some of the prettiest, most creative Italian cooking being done anywhere. He doesn’t do many events or classes, so it’s a rare opportunity to hang out with him for a few hours and learn from a master.”

The cost for the 3 hour workshop is $100, and space is limited to just 10 people so you should definitely register today!

Stay tuned to cooking classes all over Traverse City from some of our finest chefs through the eatdrinkTC Cooking Class Calendar.

Culinary gift cards can be the most creative gift you give

As we look forward to the holidays, we are often reminded of how full of things our home already is. Although some shy away from gift cards because they feel cards & certificates are too impersonal or show the dollar value they’ve placed on their gift, many prefer to receive experiences over things. Give your loved one the opportunity to experience Traverse City’s culinary scene in ways they might never do on their own! Read more

Traverse City Fall & Winter Culinary Classes

Don’t just eat the best that Traverse City has to offer, learn to cook with the best!

Everyone can cook. We are born to eat and born to prepare the food we eat. To be a good cook all you need is to immerse yourself in a few great dishes and learn new techniques.

Eric Patterson and Jen Blakeslee at the Box

Eric Patterson and Jen Blakeslee at the Box

Traverse City is blessed with a rich bounty of fresh ingredients, and it’s no surprise that so many great chefs have chosen to make their home here. Many of these folks have a passion for food that is matched by their passion to share techniques with you. We’ve gathered a full lineup in our calendar of Culinary Classes and will add to them as new classes are announced! Here are some highlights: Read more