Wednesday Farmers Market in Traverse City

The Wednesday Sara Hardy Farmers Market runs 7:30 – noon through the summer and features great farm products, baked goods & produce like these purple scallions from Loma Farm. More pics from today on the eatdrinkTC Facebook and share your photos with us on Facebook or Instagram & Twitter at #eatdrinkTC!

FDA Attacks Wood-Aged Artisanal Cheese picks up a photo from our own Leelanau Cheese, awarded best cheese in North America. Cheesemakers across the country like Leelanau Cheese would be forced to abandon centuries-tested wooden boards. You wonder where these ideas come from sometimes…

Simon Joseph of Harvest serves up his first order

Simon serves up a Chicken Schnitzel Slider on opening day at Harvest. #001 (read our article)

Here Comes Harvest: Traverse City’s newest restaurant opens Monday


Prior to the opening of the new restaurant Harvest on Monday, June 9th, we sat down with Simon Joseph and his crew to talk about his new venture.

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Traverse Colantha Walker Dairy Festival


This Sunday, June 8th, The Village at Grand Traverse Commons hosts the annual Traverse Colantha Walker Dairy Festival from 9 AM – 3 PM. The Smithsonian recently named this celebration one of 20 can’t miss summer festivals. Read on for the details of this family-friendly, TC original event including the astounding history of Traverse Colantha Walker.

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Culinary Calendar for Memorial Day Weekend

Here’s four unique culinary events that offer opportunities to taste the best beer, wine & food the area has to offer. There’s also a great list of local brat makers if you want to put some local meat on your grill this weekend!

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Creating a Food Forest in Traverse City

We talk a lot on eatdrinkTC about how Michigan is the 2nd most agriculturally diverse state in the nation, and a new collaboration between local farmers and nonprofits has a chance to spread that diversity in a whole new way.

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Taste summer in Traverse City with a local CSA share!

michigan-grownWinter has been spirit-crushingly long, and we’re all hungry for the flavors of spring & summer. The good news is that the growing season has arrived!

Michigan is the second most agriculturally diverse state in the nation, and northern Michigan is the growing heart of that bounty. It’s driving our culinary scene and, if you make your plans now, you can get that locally grown goodness every week in the form of a CSA. “CSA” stands for “Community Supported Agriculture” and CSA Farms of Northwest Michigan writes:

Members sign up for a share of a particular CSA farm’s harvest during the growing season. They pay in advance which supports their farmer and reserves their “share” of freshly harvested farm produce. The share costs vary from farm to farm and often depend on variables like length of the season and products offered. Members receive weekly boxes, or come to the farm to pick up a wide variety of vegetables and fruits.

Most summer CSAs start in June, and we’ve got contact and share information for as many as we could find. If you know of one we forgot, email us the share details and contact or post a comment and we’ll add them!

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Blessing the Blossoms (and vineyards) in Traverse City

“After a winter like the one we just had, I think we vinters can use all the help we can get.”
~ winemaker Robert Brengman

Asking for help from a higher power is something probably as old as agriculture itself, and something that goes back generations here in Traverse City. While the blossoms are being held up by the new “Endless Winter” plan we are apparently operating under, we hope that things will return to normal soon and offer these upcoming events as a ray of hope.

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Wild Food Wednesday: Common Blue Violet

Spring Speak - Violet by Ken Scott

Spring Speak … violet by Ken Scott

Michigan is the second most agriculturally diverse state in the U.S. and that diversity doesn’t stop at the market! Our woods are alive with tasty and nutritious food if you know where to look. In our Wild Food Wednesdays we’ll tip you off to seasonal goodies that you can find around TC and give you a recipe or two so you can enjoy the meal as much as the hike to find it!

We’ve been waiting impatiently for the appearance of actual spring here in Traverse City, and although winter’s grip is starting to loosen, it may be that a little poking and prodding is in order. On our spring break trip to North Carolina we got a taste of spring and violets and we couldn’t resist sharing this delicious and soon to come woodland edible with you! (and yes, we know it’s not actually Wednesday)

In many years, we will have seen Viola sororia (Common blue violet) in the woods and often in our lawns by now. Violets can be found in a variety of soil conditions, from moist and even swampy deciduous forests to drier forests (though not usually near pines). The flowers and young leaves are delicious!

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