2016 Short’s Anniversary Party

Short's annual party is on tap for Saturday April 30, 2016 from 4-10 PM.
April 8, 2016/by eatdrinkTC

Short’s Space Rock now gluten free

Space Rock, the newest flagship beer from Short’s Brewing Company…
August 7, 2015/by eatdrinkTC

Morel Dinner (and Hunt!) at Black Star Farms

by Emily Lechowicz Luck was on my side of the bay this…
May 20, 2015/by eatdrinkTC

Morel Love

Gorgeous video by Aaron Dennis of Traverse City's Stone Hut Studios from last year's morel season!
May 12, 2015/by eatdrinkTC

Wild Food Wednesday: Morels

In the pantheon of wild foods in Northern Michigan, the morel certainly reigns supreme, drawing thousands into the woods & wilds to hunt for this elusive and delicious mushroom. Read on for all kinds of morel goodness including events, pics, videos, tips and a great recipe!
May 6, 2015/by eatdrinkTC

Wild Food Wednesday: Ramps or Wild Leeks

Whether you know them as ramps, wild leeks, spring onions or by their scientific name of Allium tricoccum, they are popping up in the woods right now, so we've put together a guide to harvesting and using these abundant harbingers of Spring.
May 5, 2015/by eatdrinkTC

Friday Cocktail Hour: Pamplemousse by Gary Jonas of The Little Fleet

This Friday's cocktail was inspired by everyone’s need to feel that the end of winter is out there … somewhere.
May 3, 2015/by eatdrinkTC

Epicure Catering Farm Visit: Boss Mouse Cheese

A farm visit to Boss Mouse Cheese in Kingsley featuring great photos of the process that makes this delicious cheese.
May 2, 2015/by Cammie Buehler